FREE Course - Everything you'll need to set up your Art Studio for Mandala Painting

Module 1

This module is a show-and-tell of all the supplies you will need to design and paint your lotus mandala, from start to blinged-out (if you so desire) finish!

I've also included a printable list you can take to your local craft store or order online.

And I've included 3 different Lotus Mandala Templates for you as well. (All you need to do is use your tracing paper and trace them onto your canvas if you'd like).

And if you'd like to learn how to make your OWN Lotus Mandala Design- see our Complete Course on How to Paint and Design your Own Lotus Mandala and ENROLL!

Supplies for your Mandala Studio.pdf
Lotus 1.pdf
Lotus 2.pdf
Lotus 3.pdf